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From Zero to Hero in Spring® Boot Coding  🚀

Become a Certified Spring Boot Developer With Our Courses

  • Academic-level courses made in Germany
  • Many practical exercises and sample codes for direct use
  • Career-boosting certificates awarded on course completion
Spring Boot latest version award Lecturer with 20+ years experience
Spring Boot latest version award Lecturer with 20+ years experience


12+1 modules
> 12 hours

Learn Spring (Fundamentals)

  • Getting started (Spring, Spring Boot)
  • Dependency Injections
  • Basics: Web, Spring MVC, Templating, API, Data
10 modules
> 10 hours

Learn Spring REST

  • REST with Spring + API building
  • Basic Security, CORS, Roles
  • Testing, Documentation with Swagger + OpenAPI
10 modules
> 8 hours

Learn Spring Data

  • Spring Data JPA, Repositories, JPQL
  • Pagination, sorting, complex queries (native SQL)
  • In practice with different databases
10 modules
> 8 hours

Learn Spring Security

  • Core Security + Session Management
  • OAuth2 + JWT Token
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Course Bundles

32 modules
> 30 hours

Beginners Bundle

  • Three Courses: Spring (Fundamentals), Spring REST, Spring Data
  • Learn Spring Boot from no experience at all to actually build advanced APIs that are connected to NoSQL or SQL databases
20 modules
> 18 hours

API Bundle

  • Two Courses: Spring REST + Spring Data
  • Learn to build advanced APIs that are connected to NoSQL or SQL databases
  • Examples of how consumers can be easily connected to your API using OpenAI
42 modules
> 38 hours

PRO Bundle

  • All Courses: Spring (Fundamentals), REST, Data, Security
  • Learn Spring Boot from zero to hero and actually build advanced and secure APIs (e.g., OAuth2) that are connected to any database
Why our courses?-girl

What makes our courses unique?

Made in Germany
  • Academic quality level of hand-picked topics
  • Lecturer with a PhD in Computer Science (highest honor)
    • 20+ years of experience in coding (Web and mobile development, Java, Spring, Node.js, and many more)
    • 15+ years of working experience as tech employee and freelancer
    • 10+ years of experience in AI / ML / IoT
    • 10+ years of experience in (scientific) writing with 50+ (partly award-winning) publications
    • 6+ years of teaching experience in tech courses
  • Many practical exercises and sample codes for direct use
  • Career-boosting certificates awarded on course completion

Results after taking the courses

New Coding Skills

You'll acquire a valuable skill to learn a widely used framework by many top-tier companies.

Enterprise-level Projects

You'll have the ability to implement enterprise-level projects yourself.

Reference for Lookup

You'll have a reference to quickly look up best practices for Spring Boot (e.g., lecture materials, code samples).

Certified Developer

You'll have a certificate, which upgrades your developer status (e.g., for job applications, salary negotiations, job promotion).

Any questions? Check out the FAQ

The most frequently asked questions around our courses are answered here.

All courses were created in 2024 (in English) and use the latest versions of Spring®: Spring Framework 6 and Spring Boot 3. The material will be updated to newer versions from time to time, and all students bought the courses have access to it, of course.

No, no prior experience in Spring (Java framework) is required, but experience in Java is highly recommended. In this case, you should start with our Learn Spring (Fundamentals) or Beginners bundle course.

Our courses have academic-level quality with corresponding hands-on examples (sample codes for direct use), which are all created by an experienced lecturer with a PhD in Computer Science. You will also get a badge and certificate for course completion, which may boost your website or career. See also this section.

You can use your Java IDE of choice (e.g., Eclipse), which supports Gradle (Maven as a fallback). However, we would personally recommend you to use an advanced IDE such as Intellij IDEA, as we have developed the code samples there and have had the best experience.

You can download the course materials at any time and have a lifetime access right to them.

After you have completely finished the course, you will receive your certificate by email as well as a badge that you can embed on your website, add to your CV, etc. In addition, you will receive a link with which everyone can verify the authenticity of your certificate.

Everyone starts small, and especially in the beginning of your studies or startup you have little money reserves, or you come from countries with different wage levels: we understand all this very well and want to support these developers by offering them a 'situation-appropriate' discount or even free access to our materials, e.g., as testimonials or 'beta testers' (no certificate will be issued in this case). Simply contact us per email or via chat.

Yes, of course, we can make you an individual offer depending on your demand. Simply contact us per email or via chat.

Of course, we would be sorry about that: everyone learns differently and starts with a different level of knowledge. However, according to our terms and conditions, we cannot give a refund on digital products, as they have already been consumed and may have been duplicated.

Our courses do not directly prepare students for the official exams such as Exam EDU-1202: Spring Professional or Exam 2V0-72.22: Spring Professional Develop, but they do cover a large part of the topics.Our courses are primarily aimed at advancing you as a developer in Spring and if you succeed in that, the exams should be an easy one.